Tráiler 2 de Acero Puro

Tráiler 2 de Acero Puro
Segundo tráiler de Acero Puro
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Acero Puro
Shawn Levy - 2011 ( EE.UU. ) - PELÍCULA
Acero Puro es una aventura descarnada y vertiginosa ambientada en un futuro cercano en el que el boxeo se ha convertido en una disciplina deportiva de alta tecn
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v - 12/09/2008 06:24
es una excelente pelicual, una buena trama pero un triste final. espero que la tercera parte de batman sea tan bueno como la del caballero oscuro. algo que no me gusto para nada de la pelicula es el final...
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WSJvX67CZm9 - 02/12/2015 10:03
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8sJGBTkZx - 28/11/2015 04:47
I believe he could of got there with out roids hes not big hes just rpiepd. That good genetics thing is crap! even on steroids you have to work your ass off! Eat great and have a routine.Were did you read he tested for steroids? That would be odd to do since it really don't matter if he took them or not, hes not competing against anyone so its not like he is cheating anyone out of anything.If he took them good for him, if he didn't take them good for anyhow. [url=]wytitmm[/url] [link=]ofgvmabz[/link]
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prFgNW6xlg0 - 27/11/2015 22:24
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x7fE3qKXjtW - 27/11/2015 13:42
i have the problem of miovoatitn, i really do want to get in shape more but im like the yo-yo dieter. i start strong for a week or so, but then i just lose all interest. then a few weeks later i will have a strong miovoatitn again to go for it, then lose it a few weeks in. i try to get a friend to do it with me so at least i have a workout buddy, but they dont wanna commit lol. is there any advice you or any of your viewers can help me out with? my goal is to lose 25-30lbs
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IVAN - 28/07/2011 19:32
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visitante - 11/05/2011 03:37
interresante y muy original me gusta

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